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Natural massage cream for therapists and massage therapists

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Welcome to our Massage Wonder – the natural massage cream that has been carefully created to provide the ultimate care for your skin and muscles. This cream is designed for therapists such as physiotherapists and massage therapists who are looking for a clean and natural solution for their clients’ massage needs. But it is also available for private individuals who want to experience the benefits of professional massage at home. Let’s explore how Massage Wonder can enrich your massage experience and improve skin health.

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Massage Wonder

Natural massage cream for therapists and individuals

Massage Wonder was created with a simple intention – to provide a pure, natural and effective massage cream suitable for all skin types. It’s ideal for physiotherapists and massage therapists who want the best for their clients, and it’s equally suitable for those who want to create a wellness oasis at home with relaxing massages.

Application methods

Massage Wonder can be used as part of your daily grooming routine or as a tool for relaxing massages. Apply an appropriate amount of cream to the desired area and massage with gentle, circular movements until the cream is absorbed. It’s easy to work with and leaves no sticky residue, making it ideal for professional therapists as well as for personal use.

The ingredients


Beeswax: Beeswax is known for its natural protection and ability to seal in the skin’s natural moisture. It helps prevent moisture loss while protecting the skin.


Paraffin oil: Paraffin oil is a light and nourishing oil that helps to soften the skin and improve glide during massage.


Vaseline: Vaseline acts as a protective barrier that helps prevent drying of the skin and provides a supple and smooth surface during the massage.


Panther oil: Panther oil, also known as parthenolide, is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and can help soothe the skin during massage.

We have carefully selected these ingredients to create a formula that is gentle on the skin and effective for massage.

Free from additives

We understand the importance of clean and natural care. That’s why our Massage Wonder is free from preservatives, perfumes and parabens. We’ve created this formula to minimize the risk of allergic reactions and to ensure you can enjoy your massage without worry.

Whether you’re a professional therapist who wants the best for your clients or a private individual seeking relaxation and well-being at home, Massage Wonder is the ideal massage cream for you. Experience the pure and natural feel of our cream and make your massage experience even better.

Natural massage cream for therapists

Natural massage cream for therapists is essential for a successful treatment. Created with therapists in mind, Massage Wonder offers a natural and comfortable way to promote wellness for your clients.

Skin-friendly massage cream

Our massage cream is gentle on the skin, leaving it supple and nourished. It is the ideal partner for a relaxing massage that not only benefits the body, but also the skin.

Therapeutic massage cream for body therapy

Therapeutic massage cream is indispensable in body therapy. Our formula helps relieve tension and improves the effectiveness of your treatment. Give your clients the best experience with Massage Wonder.

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Find a qualified massage therapist

To ensure the best massage experience, we recommend visiting a registered massage therapist. The Danish Association of Registered Physiotherapy Massage Therapists is your source for finding a professional massage therapist in your area. Visit the Danish Association of Registered Physiotherapy Massage Therapists to find the right massage therapist for your needs.

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