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Natural relief for soreness

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Welcome to our Blue Wonder category, where we introduce you to the ultimate natural relief for sore muscles and joints.
Blue Wonder is a 100% natural gel designed to relieve a wide range of physical discomforts, including myositis, heel spurs, arthritis pain, sprains, strains, sore joints and muscles, migraines/headaches, restlessness and leg cramps, and growing pains in children.
Whatever aches and pains you may be experiencing, Blue Wonder can help you find relief.

Blue Wonder

Effective Solution for Natural Relief

Blue Wonder has been recognized by chronic pain patients for its effective pain relief. Its natural ingredients work together to relieve pain and discomfort while supporting the body’s natural healing process.

Ingredients in Blue Wonder

Aqua and Carbomer (Water and Carbopol): Primary ingredient that gives the product a slightly absorbent texture that is easy to spread. At the same time, it does not leave a greasy residue on the skin or clothes and does not cause skin irritations. 

Japansk Mynte blade

Mentha Arvensis Oil (Japanese Peppermint Oil): Has a natural warming effect that can relieve soreness and discomfort. It increases blood circulation and relieves fatigue/discouragement in the muscle. Japanese peppermint oil has a muscle relaxing effect, which can relieve muscle tension and cramps. Furthermore, it helps alleviate neuralgic pain, such as nerve pain, as it has a calming effect on the nervous system, which can contribute to relaxation and reduce stress-related pain. For migraines and headaches, peppermint oil can reduce the pain and intensity of migraine attacks. 

Menthol blade

Menthol (Menthol): Has a cooling effect via the cold receptors and a warming effect on the muscles. By doing so, it can reduce muscle tension and cramps, which can reduce the pain caused by muscle spasms. Menthol improves blood flow in areas of soreness which can help reduce swelling and promote healing. Furthermore, Menthol is anti-inflammatory and the oil can actually fight certain disease-causing bacteria, fungi and viruses. Therefore, it can help reduce inflammation and swelling, which can relieve soreness, especially in inflammation-related conditions such as inflammation. arthritis.

Eukalyptus blade

Eucalyptus Globolus Oil (Eucalyptus Oil): Has an anti-inflammatory effect that can help eliminate inflammation. inflammation and swelling. At the same time, it relieves fatigue and discouragement as Eucalyptus oil can have a muscle relaxing effect where blood circulation is increased, which can be useful for e.g. muscle pain, cramps and tension.

Kamfer blade

Cinnamomum Camphora Oil (Unscented Camphor Oil): Has a calming and cooling effect that effectively reduces discomfort by improving  blood circulation, which can help relieve tension and help your body promote a natural healing process. It has an amazing effect on muscle and joint aches and pains caused by inflammatory conditions and fluid build-up. Camphor oil can also have a stimulating effect on the nervous system, which can improve movement and sensation. 

These ingredients work in harmony to offer you instant pain relief and support your body’s natural healing process.

How Blue Wonder works

Blue Wonder has a cooling effect via the cold receptors and relaxes the muscles. At the same time, Blue Wonder also increases blood circulation – and in this way, Blue Wonder heats and cools in one go. When massaged into the skin, the gel starts to work by relieving pain and reducing inflammation. The cool and warming sensations experienced help to relax the muscles and relieve discomfort.

We recommend using the gel with caution for children under the age of 3, due to the mild cold and slightly tingling sensation the product provides,
can seem a bit overwhelming for toddlers.
For sensitive or delicate skin, we recommend applying a mild water-based body lotion first to saturate the skin before use.

How to use Blue Wonder

The application of Blue Wonder is simple but effective. For best results, follow these steps:

  1. Application: Massage Blue Wonder into the areas where you experience soreness, such as muscles, tendons or joints. It is important to lubricate as large an area as possible, as this increases blood circulation and thus the effectiveness of the product.
  2. Frequency: Use Blue Wonder as needed, usually up to 3 times a day or whenever you need relief. You can also apply it to damage that is more than 48 hours old. Feel free to use Blue Wonder preventively before physical activity to help your muscles and joints get going.
  3. Storage: For even better results, it is recommended to store Blue Wonder in the refrigerator. The cold receptors in the skin react positively to the cold gel, resulting in faster pain relief.

Natural cooling relief with Wonder Cooling

Are you an athlete? Do you suffer from headaches, migraines, muscle pain, fever or just want to cool down in the heat?
House of Wonder has a special SUGATEX cloth called Wonder Cooling that is ideal for you.
This SUGATEX cloth is perfect for relieving muscle soreness after exercise or sports activities.
Wonder Cooling is also great for migraines, headaches instead of migraine masks and is perfect to pull out for recent ones
Damage as a supplement to frozen vegetables.

The innovative cloth is designed to deliver instant relief and stays cool for hours. Plus, it can be used again and again.

Wonder Cooling does not release liquid to clothing unless the cloth is wrung.

Use Wonder Cooling for the following:

See our Blue Wonder how-to brochure

Recognized by chronic pain patients

Blue Wonder has received praise from chronic pain patients who have experienced the benefits of this natural pain relief gel. They have found relief from various pains, including muscle pain, joint pain and more.

Blue Wonder has helped them resume daily activities without discomfort and pain.

Additional resources on pain relief

For more information on pain relief and support for chronic pain patients, visit the Association of Chronic Pain Sufferers and Relatives (ACPS). Here you’ll find up-to-date information and resources for managing and understanding painful conditions.

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