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Insect Set

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About the Product:
icon 100% Natural
icon Vegan
icon Not tested on animals
icon Perfume
icon Pain reliever
icon Made in Denmark
icon Against skin problems

The Insect Kit for riders who want to keep the insects away from the horse. Relieves insect bites with a soothing effect

Kit contains: Insect Gel (500ml), Insect Spray (500ml), Insect Roll-On (60ml)

The insect kit is 100% natural and consists of: Aqua Gel, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Menthol, Lemon Myrtle, Nigella Seed Oil, Neem Oil and Amarum Sprig (read the effect of the ingredients under the “Additional Information” tab)


Horse Wonder Insect Spray (500 ml)

Flies, midges, horseflies and wasps, as well as ticks, mites and ticks can be extremely annoying and uncomfortable for horses. In addition to itching, burning and irritation, mites and other insects can cause wounds on horses due to itching. Therefore, it can be important to try to protect yourself from these insects, especially during the warmer months.

Shake before use.


Horse Wonder Insect Gel (500ml)

Keeps insects away and soothes insect bites.

Insect Gel is mixed 1:5 – and used in the included Insect Spray.

Apply as needed. Application is best done with a damp/wet sponge

Shake before use.


Horse Wonder Insect Roll-On (60ml)

Horse Wonder Insect Roll-On is ideal for horses, as the horse would not like to get the spray in its eyes. Therefore, Horse Wonder Insect Roll-On is used to lubricate around the head area to protect the horse.


As the smell of Insect Spray and Insect Roll-On is strong, we recommend applying it to your own skin before applying it to the horse, in order to familiarize the horse with the smell beforehand.


Weight 1,2 kg

Aqua Gel: The base that carries the other ingredients.
Lavender: Repels mosquitoes, flies and fleas with its scent.
Eucalyptus: Repels mosquitoes and ticks thanks to its strong scent.
Menthol: Creates an itching effect and has a harsh scent that keeps insects away.
Lemon Myrtle: The lemon scent of lemon myrtle helps repel mosquitoes.
Nigella Seed Oil: Known to repel various insects.
Neem Oil: Disrupts insects' hormonal systems, reducing their reproduction.
Amarum sprig: Known for its incredibly bitter taste, which repels cleavers, horseflies and wasps as well as ticks, mites and ticks.


Insect Gel (500ml)
Insect Spray (500ml)
Insect Roll-On (60ml)

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